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Composition of stage machinery and equipment

2020-09-15 00:00:00

1. Performance space

Stage: according to the characteristics of the performance scene and the theater studio and other performance environment, it is found that the objective conditions can be used for lighting design.

Situation of performance space such as theater and studio

Space environment: investigate and understand the theater, measure and draw or obtain the plan and profile information of the performance environment space, as well as the data and scale units of the height, width and stage depth of the theater entrance.

Status of stage machinery and equipment: quantity and length of suspenders, arrangement spacing, sequence number, plane position of stage machinery, etc.

Power load: rated load capacity of trunk line, rated load capacity of branch circuit, etc.

2. Reading scripts and creative ideas

The script is the basis for lighting equipment and creative conception, which can be extracted and processed from the expression space related to creation.

Find out the characteristics of representative characters, plot changes, contradictions and conflicts, and the environment needed for imagination.

Stage machinery conceives and locates the description of times, time, season, scene environment, light source direction and color.

Determine the appropriate performance methods and means. Think about what kind of lamps can be used to create a stage visual effect that is consistent with the plot.

The scene, stage installation of a script.

3. The expression of the transformation between time and space

Weather: sunrise and sunset, dusk to night, night to dawn, seasonal changes, moonlit night sky, location and regional changes.

The transformation of regional space, mental space, scene space, virtual space, local and overall space.


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