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How to configure stage equipment and machinery

2020-09-15 00:00:00

Stage equipment mechanical settings to create a beautiful stage necessary parts. In the open stage, because the stage and auditorium are in the same space, except for the near end stage and the extended stage which can use the setting without affecting the audience's line of sight, other open stage forms, such as central stage and central horizontal stage, will have an impact on the audience's line of sight when performing, and the use of setting is greatly restricted. Therefore, in the near end stage and the extended stage, the stage machinery on and off the stage can be arranged. The configuration of the stage machinery should be consistent with the form of the stage and complement each other. Before building a theater, we should first integrate the resources, population, cultural background, economic development and other conditions to give the theater a more accurate positioning. Determine the scale of the theater, whether it is a professional theater or a multi-purpose theater, what are the main types of performances and functions of the multi-purpose theater, and what is the operation and management mode of the theater, etc. For professional song and dance theaters, especially those that are ready to adopt the management mode of "field and group integration" and are ready to receive foreign performing groups, they should be equipped with perfect stage machinery. The number and variety of equipment on the stage should be large and complete, such as fire curtain, large screen, view suspender, large curtain suspender, lighting suspender, lighting crossing bridge, false abutment, etc. The stage fire curtain should also be equipped when the zigzag stage is adopted. Set up a certain number of equipment under the stage, such as orchestra lift table, main lifting table, car platform, vehicle mounted turntable and various auxiliary lifting platforms. The technical performance of stage machinery and equipment should be appropriately improved to meet the needs of receiving performances by international cultural groups. For the professional theater, it is necessary to equip perfect machinery on the stage, such as fire curtain, large screen machine, false entrance, scenery boom, ceiling boom, light boom and light cage. The number of equipment is moderate and the technical performance index is medium. The turntable can be configured according to custom.

If it is a multi-purpose theater, the stage machinery and equipment should be configured according to its main use, and appropriate adjustment should be made according to the function. Due to the habit of focusing only on social benefits rather than economic benefits developed in the old system, theatres and troupes have entered a strange circle of no acting and no money, and the more they perform, the more money they lose. However, the reform of literature and art system in China is not in-depth, and the relationship between theater and literary groups, the performance system and management mode of theater have not been clearly determined. With the increasing international exchanges, foreign business management model will be gradually used for reference. The operation and management mode of the theater is closely related to the allocation of stage machinery and equipment. This paper briefly introduces the situation abroad, and the theater body of the performance rotation play is another form of the integration of the theater and the troupe. Performing groups frequently rotate to perform new plays, such as a new production every few weeks, and these shows rarely repeat. This kind of theater also needs its own creative team and performance organization. The theater stage should also have appropriate stage machinery and equipment, which are often more adaptable. The site and equipment needed for setting, props and clothing production, as well as the corresponding transfer equipment. The performance retains the theater style of the play; the theater is used by a performing group to perform a large number of plays accumulated by the company over the years. It is possible to change the repertoire every night. In some theaters, even the plays performed in the matinee and evening performances are different. In Europe, almost all the professional opera houses and professional drama houses adopt this mode, which is the theater of the combination of field and group, that is, the resident theater. They create their own plays, have their own performance organizations, and have long-term cooperation with the main actors. The stage of this kind of theater has a large number of stage equipment and machinery, especially the mechanical equipment on stage, which is used to store and replace the scene for performing the play. Besides the main stage, the theater stage often has the side stage, the back stage and the corresponding stage machinery and equipment. There are also enough warehouses to store the scenes, props, clothes, shoes and hats of other plays. At the same time, there should also be the corresponding set production, props and clothing production equipment and site, as well as appropriate transportation equipment. The length of time a play is performed in such a theater depends entirely on the box office value. The performance period of a play is short months, long years and ten years. This kind of theatre is represented by the west end theatre in London and Broadway in New York. Its representative plays, such as Elvis Presley and Miss Saigon, have been performed for more than ten years. The stage machinery of this kind of theater is mostly customized for specific plays, and does not need special set, props and clothing production equipment.


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