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What is the development and future trend of stage machinery?

2020-09-15 00:00:00

Before the founding of new China, China's stage machinery industry was almost blank. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, especially in the early stage of reform and opening up, China has adopted the method of combining equipment introduction with technology introduction, drawing on the experience of domestic industrial projects and appropriately introducing some stage machinery and equipment. After that, we will focus on technology introduction and gradually improve the overall level of domestic stage machinery industry. Since the new century, on the basis of vigorously developing domestic basic industries, the influx of new foreign technologies, new products and new materials has greatly improved the capacity of domestic stage machinery and equipment, and has entered many stages. Mechanical design has emerged. Manufacturers, from the design method of stage machinery, the use of standards, the selection of special parts and other aspects, are gradually combined with the international, and the single index is entering or approaching the international advanced level. At the 2016 China international professional audio, lighting, musical instrument and technology exhibition, domestic stage machinery manufacturers gathered together to show the development and progress of innovative technology and achievements of stage machinery and equipment

The safety emergency stop technology of suspension equipment on stage is innovative. The safety of stage equipment has always been the top priority of the stage equipment industry. At present, the safety level of many engineering projects completed by small and medium-sized enterprises in China is not clear, and the safety of equipment system is worrying. However, there are outstanding innovations in the safety and emergency stop technology of stage hanging equipment in this exhibition. The newly developed safety emergency stop control system completely eliminates the braking sliding phenomenon during emergency stop, and makes the whole braking process in a safe and controllable range. Safety emergency stop control technology has been widely used in engineering projects, which has laid a solid foundation for comprehensively improving the safety level of stage machinery and equipment system, and is expected to be comprehensively improved.

The rigid chain jacking technology has made a major breakthrough. After the introduction of rigid chain technology in France, domestic manufacturers have absorbed and digested it, and then made improvement and improvement. Rigid chain products have a major breakthrough in the lifting technology, achieving two-way rigid and two-way drive, high efficiency, low noise and heavy load. The journey is very large; there is no need to guide when lifting the platform. In particular, multiple lifting devices of the same type can be used to lift the large lifting platform at the same time, so as to meet the application of large stroke lifting platform without guiding device.

Wireless remote control free stage translation platform technology has been improved. Wireless remote control free stage translation platform is a beautiful and wonderful stage in stage performance art. It can easily and flexibly carry people and scenes, walking in a flat performance venue. It does not need the embedded structure of the building structure and is suitable for various performances. The venue and other theatres are specially adapted for small theatre and TV studio renovation. In this exhibition, many manufacturers exhibited different levels of wireless remote control free translation platform products and control methods, and showed the core technology. For example, "Zhejiang Dafeng" wireless remote control free stage translation platform, "Taizhou Beite" wireless remote control omnidirectional horizontal lift car, "Zhejiang stage College" electric translation platform and other products adopt laser navigation precision positioning technology, magnetic track guidance technology and other technologies, which make the wireless remote control free motion platform more flexible, accurate, safe and reliable.

Successful development of large-scale difficult to open and close roof technology. "Oriental stage" shows the design of the fixed steel roof of the tennis hall of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, showing a large number of roof technologies that are difficult to open and close. The roof consists of 24 unit petals. The central opening diameter of the movable roof is 60 meters. The movable roof adopts horizontal rotation movement mode. Eight identical petals are used for 45 degree synchronous rotation to open and close the movable roof. Like a lotus. Large opening and closing of petals, uneven load distribution, long cantilever length, high synchronization accuracy of motion control and complex mechanical model increase the difficulty of opening and closing system. Petals make the installation, deformation coordination control, positioning detection and measurement, installation accuracy assurance, and opening and closing system debugging more challenging and difficult.


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