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Reasonable combination of stage design and stage machinery

2020-09-15 00:00:00

Stage art design is an increasingly important work with the continuous development of stage and film art in recent years. Stage art is not an independent form of artistic expression, but a comprehensive stage art that integrates various visual art forms. Nowadays, the scientific and technological content of stage machinery is constantly increasing. From the original single function platform, manual push-pull platform, simple lifting platform and turntable, it has gradually evolved into a large-scale fully automatic mechanical stage. Remote control device and digital program control device are also used in some parts of stage mechanism. The stage design of CCTV Channel 9's opening party uses large mechanical equipment to lift the platform weighing several tons in a short time, which makes the design concept of the whole stage fully expressed in an instant. Of course, whether the stage mechanism can be well applied in stage design is a test for the designer's design level and courage. The reasonable coordination of dance design, operation and other types of work as well as the rational use of large stage machinery and equipment can not be achieved by simple intention. It needs rich stage experience and constantly updated design concept, and has the spirit of constantly surpassing oneself. Flexible use of different design sites, for the site itself as a landscape elements, designers put forward some innovative ideas: make full use of symbol space, action space, perception space and communication space, so as to expand the stage landscape space. It can be seen that the stage space has profound connotation. In the stage art processing, will fully reflect the modeling tendency and sculpture like space high fusion, to achieve unique harmony. The current stage design style is to integrate function, space organization and form innovation. Stage art design pursues good service and use function. For example, the platform (combination of platforms) built on the stage, the inclined stage, the lifting stage, the telescopic stage and the parallel car platform, the rotating turntable, etc. are all used to make full use of all available stage display space to realize the extension of stage space form.


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