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Intelligent and network stage lighting technology development trend

2020-09-15 00:00:00

In the development of entertainment equipment industry, stage lighting control technology occupies a very important position. At present, the requirements of stage lighting for large-scale performances are higher and higher. At the beginning, the stage lighting control technology belongs to the original control technology stage, and the stage lighting control is quite troublesome. At that time, the controlled lamps were only on and off, and it was impossible to adjust the light. What was provided was pure lighting, and the lighting engineer was only responsible for turning on and off the lamps. Now, with the popularization of computer network technology, the network of lighting control system is becoming more and more mature. It can be said that intelligent network lighting control system has formed a general trend. All lighting manufacturers in the world are developing and applying networked control system. They have developed and launched network technology solutions with different characteristics. Stage lighting control technology has experienced the following stages: original control technology stage; analog control technology stage; digital technology control stage, and today's intelligent network control era. What does a set of stage lighting control system include? As an important part of stage performance, light can cooperate with live performance on the stage to achieve artistic effects such as simulating nature, creating artistic conception, expressing emotions, cutting stage space and time with its unique means. These artistic effects are usually reflected by the means of light and shade (brightness), light color, light projection direction and beam effect and their dynamic combination. All these light effects can only be realized by using light control equipment to implement good brightness control, color transformation, and beam motion control of lamps and lanterns. The composition of the control system. The stage lighting control system can be divided into weak current control part and strong current power supply part. The stage lighting control system can be divided into weak current control part and strong current power supply part. 1. The stage lighting control system of the control part can be divided into three basic systems, namely the light control system, the computer lamp control system and the color changer control system. In terms of connection mode, it has experienced three times: analog, digital and network. In the analog and digital era, the three control systems are basically independent of each other and form their own systems. The three systems combine into a large system, which strengthens the control function and facilitates the management. 2. The strong current system is the energy source of light. Although it is not as complicated as the control part, it is also a very important basic part of lighting. The strong current part can be divided into power supply part before dimmer and light circuit part after dimmer or through switch. 3. The principle of computer lamp console the control system of computer lamp is usually composed of several computer lamps and supporting computer lamp console. They are connected in series through a multi-core control cable (XLR). The connection mode is shown in Figure 4-1. By the computer console unified operation, the staff only need to program in front of the console to control the movement of all computer lights. There are one or two single-chip microprocessors (also known as single-chip microcomputer) inside the computer lamp. The single-chip processor is made by integrating the CPU, a small amount of ram, ROM, and I / O ports on a silicon chip. The single-chip microprocessor sends out signals. Through the driving circuit, each micro stepping motor in the machine moves, thus driving the color wheel, pattern piece, lens and mirror to move, so as to produce various colors and shapes of light beams and their movement in space. Brand recommendation of domestic stage lighting control system enterprises. As far as domestic enterprises are concerned, the major stage lighting enterprises are Hedong HDL, Zhujiang lighting, tebaoli, Yifeng photoelectric, Huanghe lighting, etc. Among them, Hedong HDL is currently one of the producers and engineering integrators in the field of film and television stage and building intelligent control in China. In China, typical HDL projects include the large-scale stage lighting and indoor lighting renovation project of the Great Hall of the people, 80% of provincial TV station lighting control projects, most of China's venues lighting and stage lighting control projects of Shanghai World Expo, and smart home project of technical officials village of Asian Games. In foreign countries, there are famous cases such as the lighting control project of the new concert hall of Sydney Opera House, the smart home project of Royal Villa in Dubai, UAE, the BMW Museum in Munich, the lighting control project of Norway National Grand Theatre, and the smart home project of royal mansion in Mozambique.


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