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Development of modern science and technology and mechanization stage

2020-09-15 00:00:00

Simple, primitive mechanical devices appeared in theaters, dating back to 17th century Europe. From the ancient stage machinery to the modern large-scale and complex mechanized stage system in the 21st century, the development of stage machinery has experienced nearly four centuries. With the development of stage machinery technology, the functions and functions of stage machinery have been greatly enriched and developed. From the initial simple scene movement and scene change to the realization of complex transformation and movement, stage machinery has become an indispensable means of performance in stage art, which, together with stage lighting and sound, has created an amazing stage art effect. The continuous pursuit and innovation of modern dance art put forward higher requirements for the stage machinery system. As the carrier of modern dance art, the stage machinery system is also constantly innovating, and the development and innovation of stage machinery always benefit from the development of science and technology. With the progress of science and technology, some high-tech and equipment have been widely used in stage machinery and control system. Stage machinery can be understood as the special mechanical equipment used for performing stage, serving for performing arts and stage art. Mechanized stage is a mechanical and electrical integration system which is composed of several sets of stage machinery and controlled by computer control system. It can realize various complex mechanical movements according to the design program. From the technical point of view, it mainly includes mechanical and control system. Since the 20th century, the high-tech achievements represented by computer technology and information technology have been constantly emerging, which promotes and drives the development of mechanized stage. With the development of modern manufacturing industry, the performance of stage machinery has been continuously improved. As a special equipment, stage machinery looks similar to lifting, lifting and conveying equipment, However, due to the particularity of the performers and props, the safety, reliability, stability, accuracy, low noise and other characteristics of its performance put forward high requirements for its design and manufacturing, which is different from ordinary lifting, lifting and conveying equipment. Modern manufacturing technology, can greatly improve the product processing and manufacturing accuracy, such as precision manufacturing transmission device, can improve its motion stability, accuracy and reduce noise. According to the relevant information, the operating noise of the boom hoisting mechanism assembled by a specially designed and manufactured motor and reducer is only 50 dB. The application of modern design means, numerical calculation, three-dimensional design and computer simulation technology not only improves the work efficiency, but also makes the design of stage machinery more reasonable and safe. In the development of stage machinery, the development of transmission technology has a great impact on stage machinery. In the 18th century, the stage mechanical transmission was simple, bulky, rough and noisy. The water pressure transmission mode is adopted. The pressure generated by the piston is injected into the water tank by the water pump to lift the stage board to realize the lifting movement. But the whole pump system is very large, and it can be seen in some theatres in Germany. With the development of manufacturing, control and high pressure sealing technology, the working pressure of hydraulic system has been greatly improved, which can reach 35MPa. Due to the high energy density of hydraulic oil in transmission medium under high pressure, the volume of oil cylinder for linear motion parts and oil motor for rotary motion can be very small, thus reducing the volume of stage machinery, especially suitable for the stage where the upper space is very limited but dozens or even hundreds of equipment are arranged. In addition, the power source of hydraulic system pump station can be separated from the moving parts It is arranged at a place where noise can be isolated, so that the transmission device of stage machinery has little noise. In addition, the rigidity of high pressure hydraulic oil is very large, and the hydraulic proportional control and servo control technology are mature and reliable, which can obtain high positioning control accuracy. In the 20th century, hydraulic transmission has been applied on the mechanized stage, but its high cost and high maintenance requirements limit its widespread application. In the late 20th century, the precision of mechanical transmission device, the improvement of low noise performance, the development of frequency conversion speed regulation technology and the research and development of special linear motion device make the mechanical transmission mode occupy a leading position in the application of mechanization stage.


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