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What is the purpose of stage machinery debugging

2020-10-08 00:00:00

Stage machinery commissioning and equipment self inspection plays an important role and meaning in the whole stage mechanical engineering. It is the self verification of the engineering contractor to ensure the quality of the equipment before the project acceptance, and is also a necessary process to ensure that all technical parameters and process performance of the equipment system fully meet the requirements of the contract. Equipment commissioning includes organization, parameter adjustment test and test run, which is an important operation before equipment self inspection. Equipment self inspection includes comprehensive inspection and itemized parameter test of engineering equipment conducted by construction party. Before equipment self inspection, it is necessary to complete equipment commissioning. Equipment debugging is an important process before the equipment can run after it is in place. In practice, the equipment commissioning and self inspection can be completed in order or interleaved. For the convenience of narration, this paper clarifies them in order.

Benchmark debugging

Stage plane elevation, flatness and error measurement. The stage plane is an extremely important plane as the measuring and testing datum plane. The stage plane elevation is one of the important data to measure the overall equipment quality of the equipment system. It is also the basis for checking and building the elevation difference, determining the elevation of the silo (matching the floor height of the double lift table) and the pit elevation, and determining the process scale of the stage wood floor grinding (new construction and replacement) The installation engineer should make the permanence symbol as the basic data of equipment positioning in the future theater overhaul (especially under stage equipment) or theater transformation. Because there is little error in general engineering, as the datum plane used in equipment system test, as long as the flatness error (i.e. height difference) is within the design rule range (such as ± 2 mm), it can be used as the relative elevation and measurement benchmark.

Single brake braking test under extra load is carried out for lifting equipment (with double brakes) (the braking torque of the brake has been adjusted when the equipment leaves the factory, but it needs to be tested and verified independently).

Adjust the lower limit height scale set by the electric boom and single point crane (i.e. from the dance table to the lower surface of the boom). This scale is the reference basis for setting azimuth parameters when equipment is in use. The height and orientation of the equipment on the stage are measured from the stage face up. Sometimes, it is necessary to use this scale plus a certain value. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the height scale of the lower limit set by all the suspenders (or single point cranes), and the rules are wrong (for example, one half of the error of equipment stopping position). In practice, it is found that few theaters make precise adjustment. Under the same height command (i.e. lower limit of boom), the practical height azimuth difference of boom is more than 2 cm ~ 10 cm. Therefore, it must be adjusted one by one to meet the requirements. In addition, it is also necessary to allow errors in the scale rules, such as half of the equipment stop error, so as to ensure the practical measurement results of the regular stop error in the technical parameters.

Field practice orientation (height, interval, speed, etc.) value and console display value consistency debugging. The error between the field practice value and the console calibration value has a greater impact on the measurement value, which will directly affect all subsequent measurement results. Therefore, this benchmark check should be paid more attention to. The error of more strict consistency rules between the practical value and the console calibration value should be handled, such as the difference between the travel height or azimuth should be less than 1 mm.

The final purpose of commissioning work is to make the engineering equipment system in good condition, and then meet the acceptance of equipment engineering after self inspection.


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