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What are the steps of stage machinery installation

2020-10-08 00:00:00

Like other mechanical equipment, the installation process of stage machinery and equipment also needs to be installed and leveled, grouted and stabilized, so as to meet the requirements of installation technical specifications; after debugging and trial operation, the stage machinery and equipment are qualified after acceptance and delivered for use after meeting the technical performance and realizing all design functions.

Check and acceptance of the equipment under the stage, including the main lifting platform, auxiliary lifting platform, vehicle platform, vehicle turntable stage, from the determination of the root axis to the equipment in place, we should pay close attention to the relevance of the equipment. 2. Equipment positioning line because there is a corresponding relationship between the equipment on the stage and the equipment under the stage in the process layout, the bottom axis of the stage plane should also be drawn on the grid top plane and the plane of each bin. The basic axis of the stage plane mainly includes the longitudinal axis (i.e. the longitudinal center line of the stage) and the transverse axis of the equipment perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. Since the abutment line is the root line of the equipment installation, when confirming the transverse axis, it is necessary to confirm the abutment line (i.e. the projection line of the internal and external surface of the building abutment wall). 3. The construction unit shall provide the quality certificate of equipment foundation for inspection. If necessary, the strength of the root base can be retested, and the appearance of the root base can be checked, mainly to see whether there are honeycomb, pitted surface, concave and convex uneven defects on the root surface. To measure and check the elevation, orientation and several dimensions of the foundation, it is necessary to check the coordinate orientation, the elevation and center distance of the embedded parts, anchor bolts or anchor plates, and the center orientation and depth of the embedded anchor bolt holes (if any). 4. Equipment in place. For the equipment with large weight, large volume or high installation position, the hoisting problem should be solved. For the equipment which is disassembled or installed with large parts, the key parts such as the equipment base, frame and guide rail shall be in place first, and then other parts shall be assembled. For the stage equipped with the main lifting platform, auxiliary lifting platform, vehicle platform and vehicle mounted turntable, the relevance of the equipment should be paid close attention from the determination of the basic axis to the equipment in place.

(1) Equipment maintenance refers to the daily maintenance work such as cleaning, inspection, lubrication, fastening and adjustment to prevent equipment performance deterioration and maintain equipment performance;

(2) Equipment inspection is the necessary inspection and measurement to determine the degree of equipment deterioration or performance degradation;

(3) Equipment repair.

The maintenance of the equipment is to keep the equipment clean, well lubricated and safe operation by wiping, cleaning, lubricating and adjusting. The contents include fastening the loose fasteners in time, adjusting the clearance and position of the moving parts, and maintaining the original technical state of the equipment.

Different from other industries, although there are many types and quantities of stage machinery, there are not many equipment put into use each time. Due to the characteristics of the performance, the number of equipment used in each performance is limited, and the number of movements using the equipment is not much. Most of the equipment used in the performance has already moved in place or in the interval before the performance, and a small amount of equipment acts during the performance, that is, participating in the performance Due to the performance arrangement, the use of equipment is not balanced and the utilization rate of equipment is low.


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