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Whats the use of stage machinery

2020-10-14 00:00:00

Where there is a stage, there are dreams and stage machinery. Stage machinery is indispensable for stage performance. There are many types of stage machinery, and each type has different functions. Now let's learn about the use of stage machinery?

At present, various forms of performance emerge one after another. New requirements require new technology and new equipment. Different venues, such as standard theatre, concert hall, multi-function hall and entertainment theatre, require a variety of stage equipment. Stage machinery and equipment from simple props to complex equipment, from general indicators to special indicators, from mechanical equipment to stage machinery, from technical perspective to artistic perspective, from passive realization to active creativity.

Nowadays, the technical content of stage machinery is constantly improving. The original single function platform, manual push-pull platform, simple lifting platform and turntable have gradually evolved into large-scale automatic mechanical stage, and remote control equipment is also used in some parts of stage machinery. And digital program control equipment. Stage machinery involves hydraulic system technology, underwater equipment technology, air suspension technology, rotary lifting technology, power transmission technology, control system technology, special effects integration technology and many other new technologies. With the support of these technologies, new equipment such as robot arm, large seat, earthquake platform, horse racing, waterfall car, water wheel, ice car, three flying, eight point crane and other new equipment gradually appear on the stage, adding luster to the performance.

Of course, whether stage machinery can be well used in stage design is a test of designer's design level and courage. Reasonable cooperation between design, operation and other types of work, as well as the rational use of large stage machinery and equipment, cannot be achieved by simple intention. It needs rich stage experience and constantly updated design concept, as well as the spirit of constantly surpassing oneself.


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