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Stage machinery equipment standard

2020-10-14 00:00:00

Stage machinery is one of the essential hardware factors for a performance, and stage curtain and lighting are also very important. The quality of stage machinery is very important. The following is about the stage machinery equipment standards.

The risk assessment process defined in the European Machinery Directive should be able to help identify risks caused by machinery and equipment. However, this standard explicitly excludes the equipment used for the lifting and lowering of actors or artists in the performance. Simply explain this phenomenon: the measures to protect the safety of personnel stipulated in the standard often require setting up fences and fences around people and above or below moving parts, but this is not applicable to stage machinery at all.

As a result, the modern standards of stage machinery and equipment came into being (such as German "DIN 56950-1:2012" or European "CW a 15902-1:2008"). According to the previous standard risk assessment of the construction process of performance venues, they formulated corresponding measures for the application of special stage machinery and equipment to reduce the risk. These standards require a risk assessment process, as described in the international standard "safety of machinery - General principles for design - risk assessment and risk reduction". Within the scope of the use of mechanical equipment, all the hazards one can imagine are at risk. For example, the hidden danger of a typical flight system is falling objects. For each hazard, the potential consequences can be foreseen. Falling objects produce impact. If someone is hit on the stage at this time, the serious consequences of the accident may be laceration, limb fracture or even death.

In order to assess the risk, we should not only identify the severity of the dangerous consequences, but also consider the possibility of risk occurrence, the frequency and time of people appearing on the stage and the probability of being hit by falling objects. In reality, objects often fall down? Can measures be taken to avoid or limit the injuries caused? In the past cases, the most serious one or several people died of objects Fall. In the theater, there are people who stay on the stage for a long time during the day. They may be artists, technicians or tourists. Most people don't wear hard hats to protect themselves. So the risk of falling objects will only rise or fall according to the probability of large objects falling. Therefore, in the application of stage machinery, it is necessary to judge the probability of large objects falling from the flight board. After the completion of the risk assessment, special risk assessment must also be carried out on the equipment: in any other case, will the risk caused by the equipment be higher than the acceptable level? If the design load of the equipment is 500kg, if the load is changed to 1000kg and emergency stop, will the fracture occur? If the answer is yes, we must focus on how to reduce the risk, and then we should start again from the beginning.


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