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What are the types of stage curtains

2020-10-15 00:00:00

Stage curtain is an indispensable equipment for all kinds of theatres, theaters, auditoriums, clubs, studios, etc. it plays a role in decorating the stage and improving the performance effect. At present, the curtain widely used on the stage mainly includes stage big screen, two curtain, three curtain, eaves curtain, lateral curtain, screen, sky screen, sound-absorbing curtain, cascade curtain, side curtain, fire-proof curtain, etc.

Grand curtain

The curtain is located in the gate of the stage. It is the gate of the stage and the main curtain of the stage. It is mainly used for opening and closing the beginning and end of a performance, and sometimes it is also used as a stage curtain. There are three types of large curtain, such as open and close type, lifting type, cascade curtain type and uniform type. The curtain pulling machine is one of the most frequently used equipment on the stage, which adopts inorganic speed regulation, Make the big screen with the plot need to change the speed at will, play a role in setting off the artistic atmosphere

The second curtain plays the role of decoration and division

Three curtain

The three - curtain, which is composed of three - curtain, plays the role of decorating and dividing the performance area

2、 Three curtain is used for various forms of solo, singing, solo, etc. in a variety of drama, drama fragments, the use of two or three curtain opening and closing to change the scenery and props. The types are open and close, lifting, curtain hanging, uniform, etc


The eaves curtain is the horizontal curtain of the upper stage entrance in front of the grand curtain. It is used as the false entrance of the upper eaves of the stage to block the audience's view over the stage. It forms a complete set with the curtain, thus setting off the beauty of the curtain

Lateral curtain

The lateral curtain is the curtain on both sides of the stage and over the stage. It covers the audience's vision of the side and the sky of the stage. It is designed for the audience's aesthetic feeling of the stage. At the same time, it enhances the audience's three-dimensional sense of the stage

Gauze screen

Gauze screen is used for stage art. It is often used in dance and special effect

The curtain of heaven

The sky curtain is located in the last curtain on the stage, which is generally 60 cm away from the wall. When used for stage performance, the left and right actors can pass quickly and freely.


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