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Structure of stage equipment

2020-10-15 00:00:00

A variety of fixed equipment fixed on stage for theatrical performance. There are many setting equipment, in addition to lighting equipment, sound effect equipment, special equipment, etc. In theater for performing reserve, there are also special equipment specially used for a reserved play.

In various regions, countries and historical times, the habits of stage equipment used in theatrical performances are different, for example, the use of Deixis in ancient Greek theatres, the front curtain rising from the bottom to the top in front of the ancient Roman stage, and Da Vinci, a famous Italian artist in the Renaissance, designed a turntable in the performing activities, and suspended one on the Italian stage The mechanical system of flying man and set and the whole mechanical system of replacing side screen setting by human and mechanical control. In Japan, kabuki artists and mashizo invented and used wooden turntables. The lifting system of the actors was raised and lowered by manpower winch equipment on the court stage of Qing Dynasty. After entering the electrical age, although some characteristics of the theater construction and use of stage equipment have been kept in the world, the general trend has gradually approached and a set of conventions has been formed

Fire protection equipment

It is divided into fire curtain, fire alarm, automatic fire fighting and spraying equipment and other items. The fire curtain of modern theater is mostly installed at the back of the frame entrance and the large area of the auxiliary platform. It is matched with the automatic smoke window on the top of the stage, and is a young equipment to cut off the gas source and fire source between the stage and the audience or between the stage and the background.

Sound effect equipment

These equipment can be divided into two types: one is the electric sound amplification equipment, the other is the direct effect sound equipment, such as the wind sounder, rain sounder and thunder sounder operated by human (or electric power).


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