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JBL SRX700系列

2020-10-23 14:45:18
JBL SRX700系列

JBLEight new AE Engineering Series Compact loudspeakers are introduced as new members of the leading AE Engineering Series. High power, high fidelity, flexible two frequency loudspeaker, from single 5.25 "bass driver to double 8" bass driver, are specially designed for the needs of sound designers and performers.

Ac15 and AC25 of ultra compact box use 1 "dome type treble driver, while ac16, AC26, ac18 and ac28 use 1" diameter compression driver to have good high frequency response and clear detail performance. In addition, ac18 and ac28 use 90 °× 50 ° or 120 °× 60 ° progressive transition rotary Waveguide Horn to provide sound designers with more coverage angle options.

Functional features:

In addition to providing smooth and low distortion sound, progressive transition waveguide horn can provide balanced off-axis frequency response not only in the horizontal and vertical planes, but also in each position within the coverage range. Progressive transition waveguide horn combines excellent pointing control characteristics and low distortion to make music natural and vivid, and voice clear.

Filter array technology

The filter array technology (fat) of JBL used in AC25, AC26 and ac28 enables each bass driver to independently control energy and phase response, resulting in smooth power response and constant coverage angle.

flexibility AE compact loudspeakers can be adapted and purchased with different mounting accessories, such as U-shaped bracket and omnimount bracket and tripod mounting parts.

Durable   Each box is made of multi-layer hardwood, and the Duraflex coating of JBL patent is used to make the box more durable. Each speaker has a top part, and each driver must pass JBL's 100 hour rigorous test to ensure that it can operate normally for many years.

Complete AE Engineering Series  These eight new models expand the existing AE Engineering Series, enabling audio designers and engineers to match systems more flexibly.

application   AE Engineering Series Compact loudspeakers are widely used, such as entertainment facilities, theater, studio, church, club (live performance, dance), sports facilities, theme park

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