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Sound stage

2020-10-23 14:47:01
Sound stage

Theater stage and other indoor artistic performances require sound art. First of all, it is necessary to ensure the sound quality, which should be pleasant to the ear and beautiful in color. For outdoor and outdoor art performances, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that there are no accidents and successfully complete the tasks of literary and artistic performances. As outdoor performance is more difficult than indoor performance, there are also many specific technical requirements

1、 Sound system should have strong power reserve: outdoor sound field needs strong power, because outdoor sound field needs to increase 3dB sound pressure level, power needs to be increased by 2 times. According to the formula 10logp2 / P1 = XdB, the specific value of sound field can be calculated.

2、 To lift the loudspeaker: the sound box of outdoor art performance should not be placed too low. The sound wave of low sound box is easy to be absorbed by the audience's body, resulting in the phenomenon of grazing sound absorption, especially the high-frequency audio loss. Therefore, it is necessary to install the loudspeaker by hoisting. The mid tone or treble horn and the outdoor special speaker (the speaker is equipped with high-power treble horn), so that the sound wave of the loudspeaker is in the air The radiation distance is relatively far, so that the audience can get enough loudness.

3、 Select high sensitivity mic, which can enhance the mic's sound transmission gain, so that the audience can get enough loudness. The distance between MIC and mixer is usually far away from outdoor performance, so it is better to select wireless mic for pickup.

4、 Protection of power line: the power supply of the speaker system comes from the power grid circuit. If the power supply circuit fails, the audio system will have problems. Therefore, the power supply circuit should be provided with technical support by local professional electricians. Special security personnel shall protect the whole line from the mixer to the indoor switch or temporary generator car.

5、 Protection of loudspeaker line: the distance between the power amplifier for outdoor performance and the sound box is generally far. In order to prevent the failure and damage of the amplifier caused by open circuit and short circuit of the speaker line, special personnel should be assigned to protect the loudspeaker line. The output impedance of the power amplifier is very small, only a few ohm, but the sound power is very large, so the current is relatively large, and the distance between the line is not easy to be too long And the cut-off area should not be too small to avoid unnecessary loss of sound power. If possible, the power amplifier can be placed close to the speaker to reduce unnecessary loss.

6、 The sound engineer should keep in touch with the assistant of the audience through the walkie talkie, so that the sound engineer can more accurately and timely grasp the sound effect of the audience, so as to make timely adjustment.

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